DESA S.A. (Desarrollos de Automatization S.A.) is a privately held company based in Chile and whose goal is to provide integrated solutions for modernizations in the defense area, using its own capabilities in systems engineering, software development and use of components and equipment to international standards.

This strategy has allowed the development of a large number of projects, primarily for the Navy and Army of Chile, generating solutions of high performance and reliability which have proven competitive with traditional options of large suppliers.

These solutions include:

· Integrated Combat Systems.

· Artillery Fire Control Systems.

· Command & Control Systems.

· Modernization of propulsion and servomecanisms of guns and directors.

· Integration and development of interfaces to existing legacy systems.

· Optronic guidance systems.

· Search & Fire Control Radar signal processing systems.

· Modernization of giroscopic & stabilization systems.

The philosophy of integration of high specification, open markets (COTS) components combined with the development of solutions geared to the needs of our customers, allows us to maximize the cost-effectiveness of investments and direct them to the specific solution of the problems.

A systems engineering approach allows us to offer a basis of tested technological solutions, which are integrated in close relationship with the client, from their initial requirements to production, installation, integration and validation of systems.

This true partnership is projected to warranty and life cycle support of systems, ensuring an effective useful life with a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

DESA S.A, Sucre 2235, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile - (56) 222050141, (56) 222042656 -