DESA has wide experience in digital radar processing, both for navigation and fire control radars.

Modernization of existing systems includes as a main goal the improvement of sensor features. The ability to provide autotracking for search radars o counter- countermeasures for fire control radars widely increases the performance of command & control or weapon system they feed.

The available signal processing technologies (DSP, FPGA) make it possible to replace major parts of analog handling, incorporating functionalities found in radars of newer generations, besides allowing their integration to sophisticated weapon systems.

Additionally this reduces capital expense by extending the useful life of existing sensors.

> Digital display of radar video.
> Plot extraction from radar video and automatic tracking in TWS (Track While Scan) mode.
> Symbolic contact display.
> Simultaneous display of digital nautical charts.
> Simultaneous display of digital geographic images.
> Navigation support tools.


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