El ARIES Light Artillery System, conceived for small and medium vessels (patrol boats, OPVs, corvettes), is employed on board the OPV-81 "Piloto Pardo" y OPV-82 "Comandante Toro" of the Chilean Navy.

ARIES is based on one operation and control console, and one optronic director fitted with thermal and daylight cameras. The combined use of commercial or military search/navigation radars and optronic director allows capturing a clear situation picture under any meteorological situation and state of sea, and the operator with full control of the weapon.

Its main role is the use of light artillery in maritime police duties and interdiction operations (MIO). It provides security and operation tools to eliminate the hazard in delicate situations, and self-defense against air attacks and small vessels.

For its simple characteristics and requirements, ARIES is an optimal solution for small and m├ędium ships that need to use light weapons in a safe and effective way.


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