The MAITEN-3 system is operational on the type 22 Williams fragata of the Chilean Navy.

It is an artillery system based on the combined use of search radars and an optronic director providing the tactical picture and tracking of designated contacts.

These resources provide the MAITEN-3 system with capabilities against surface and air targets as well as shore bombardment roles.
The Chilean Navy pursued the installation of a Oto-Melara 76/62 mounting on board the FF Williams, providing the ship with additional strengths.

The performance reached with MAITEN-3 is better than similar configurations available, for example, on Type 23 frigates, due toe the effective integration of sensors and sophisticated artillery procedures.
The MAITEN-3 configuration can be applied to any ship suited with a mounting and conventional radars.

DESA can integrate any naval gun and tactical or navigation radar, resides supplying optronic sensors according to the specific requirements of a customer.

An example of this flexibility is the ARIES system, where the same concepts and capabilities have been applied to a quite different configuration and role.


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