Optronic sensors have become an essential component of navigation, surveillance and combat systems.

The possibility day & night observation of a contact's characteristics, to detect objects under any light condition and to track & engage using image processing increase effectiveness and safety of all systems.

The essential parameters of an optronic system are:

> The specification of its sensors
> The capability of target tracking using image processing
> The quality of the positioning director

An adequate balance of these properties according to the application (surveillance, maritime police, rescue, weapon system) ensures taking advantage of optronic systems with the minimum required investment.

Even though night vision sensors have reduced its cost while increasing their performance, they still represent a high cost cost barrier for many customers.

DESA can help:

> Define daylight and thermal cameras laser telemeters from open markets, accoding to the specific requirements of a customer and its application.
> Provide the adequate positioning systems.
> Process the images to track targets.
> Integrate all these components in an optronic application for all necessary roles.

The flexibility to configure these elements with a cost-effectiveness criteria permit granting its functions to new or existing systems, at a cost which is considerably less than solutions currently available in the market.



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